If you’re thinking of investing in gold, coins are an ideal place to start. They’re popular, they add value to your wealth, and most importantly, they’re steadily profitable.

While gold coins are a great start for beginners, it can be difficult to know which coins are worth investing in. With so many different options out there, the idea of purchasing gold coins can seem like an overwhelming feat.

Are you interested in investing in gold coins? Here, we’re sharing the most popular gold coins that beginners should invest in. Just keep on reading to learn more and to start your very own collection!

South African Gold Krugerrand

This famous coin is easily recognizable by its tails display of a springbok, an animal native to Africa that serves as a symbol of strength.

The Gold Krugerrand has a metal composition made up of gold alloy, and the pure gold composition is 91 percent of the coin’s weight. Copper is responsible for the remaining weight.

2020 Gold American Eagle

Feeling patriotic? Probably the most popular and distinct coin in the industry, the 2020 Gold American Eagle is sought after by beginner and advanced collectors alike.

This must-have coin consists of .9999 fine gold, ranking it high amongst other coins in terms of metal purity. The obverse side depicts two American Eagles, one suspended in flight and the other perched, which remind collectors of freedom and patriotism.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

First appearing in 1979, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin was the only 24-karat pure gold bullion coin on the market. 

Today, investors seek out this coin because of its .9999 purity and because of its ability to be scanned and digitally verified. No other coin features this, so if you find this rare coin, be sure to snatch it up!

2020 Gold American Buffalo

This stunning gold coin is a beautiful and valuable addition to any beginner gold coin collection. One of the most popular gold bullion coins, the 2020 Gold American Buffalo coin features .9999 pure fine gold.

You can recognize this coin by the depiction of the burly American buffalo, a homage to Native Americans.

2020 Gold Lunar Year of the Rat

What better way to commemorate the year 2020 than with a gold coin? Born from high-quality craftsmanship, this coin is part of the Lunar New Year series by the Perth Mint.

The coin depicts a small rodent grasping wheat, indicating the year 2020. It comes in a variety of sizes, too, so if you’re interested in collecting this one you have quite a few options!

Invest in These Popular Gold Coins

Starting your collection of gold coins is a great way to secure your financial future and increase your wealth. Now that you’re aware of these popular gold coins, you have an idea of where to start when it comes to investing. Good luck!

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