5 Common Network Issues Every Business Deals With

In the digital age of business, no one can avoid network issues. 

We rely on the internet and technology for a lot more than sending emails and with so many meetings switching from face to face to platforms like Zoom, making sure your IT department is working at its best is a priority.

Read on to see 5 of the most common network issues and what you can do to combat them.

1. Too Slow

One of the most frequent network problems small businesses experience is their tech operating too slowly.

This could be loading times for vital programs or connection speeds and although it can sometimes be fixed with the ‘classic’ turn it off and on again. This usually happens because the system is overloaded.

Empty the recycling bin, uninstall old programs and consider upgrading to a bigger server to handle more machines operating simultaneously.

2. The DNS Is Down

If your team can’t even access the programs or the internet, you may be experiencing an issue with the DNS or Domain Name Services

The DNS is like the passcode to access these programs and if it is incorrect for some reason, you will not be able to use them.

Check what DNS the machine is operating on and run a connection test to see if this is the issue, then you will need to adjust accordingly.

3. Wireless Not Connecting

Wireless systems make working anywhere around the office more convenient, but they do have some drawbacks.

Wireless connections may experience dead spots around the office where the signal has trouble extending into. There are also times where the internet router may malfunction and luckily, this can often be resolved by simply resetting the router.

For dead spots, consider purchasing wifi extenders to make sure the whole workspace is covered.

4. Devices Not Connecting

Is there anything worse than when you have a fancy wireless printer that cost hundreds or maybe even thousands dollars and you can’t even connect to it?

There is a range of reasons why a device may be struggling to connect. Depending on the make and product, you sometimes need special drivers to allow your computer to interact.

In terms of network solutions, there are usually manuals with these devices and they have a handy troubleshooting section that might just resolve the issue before you need to call in professional help.

5. Poorly Managed

IT is no small task in any business these days and there are plenty of reasons to argue about outsourced vs managed IT services but the service provided by professional IT solutions companies is often indispensable.

Unless your business is in the IT field, it is unlikely you have a true IT expert, even though the guys in accounting might say they are pretty tech-savvy.

Outsourcing can often provide businesses with massive improvements when upgrading systems, maintaining networks, and keeping data secure.

The Best Counter for Network Issues

Whatever network issues you may experience in your business, it is important to get ahead of them and keep your business running smoothly. Use this guide to resolve some of those issues and do some research on IT services that could help to improve your business.

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Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke