If you were or are engaged in marketing activity, you have probably been or are now a part of marketing campaigns. To put it short, a marketing campaign is a focused initiative to achieve a specific marketing goal. As it is a complex set of actions, it isn’t sensible to just throw yourself into it without taking everything into consideration properly.

There are lots of things to consider. However, there are four of the most important steps you can take before launching a marketing campaign. Here are these actions:


  1. Plan each step and choose a planning tool

Before you launch your marketing campaign, think over each step and action, even the smallest ones. Divide your tasks into small parts so that you can wholly realize what it takes to fulfil each task. When you have a circumspect plan where everything is scheduled, where each task is thought-out and has clear dates, you significantly raise your chances to complete your marketing project with success.

Go on and find a project planning tool that allows you to enter all of your tasks. Also, it will bring you more advantages and benefits if your tool can be applied to marketing activity. For example, if it offers a pre-defined marketing campaign template, this one will be a good choice.

After you broke down your plan into smaller tasks and scheduled all of them in specialized software, it would be much easier to deal with all other steps.

  1. Set your goals and KPI

Setting goals and KPI will go a long way towards ensuring that you have some sort of aims that need to be reached. It will keep things in a structured manner for you (this is where a project planning tool helps).

By setting goals and KPI, you can define properly what you are looking to achieve with your marketing campaign and also how you are going to measure the performance throughout.

  1. Pick your target audience

Before anything else takes place, you really need to choose who your target audience is and how you will reach them (what methods of media will you use, etc.). Picking your target audience gives you a much greater chance of success. Should you have done things correctly, you will get more interaction from this audience than you would if you had targeted a broader range of people.

  1. Make sure regular reviews are pencilled in and adhered to

How many times do people have reviews booked in for them to never happen?  The same applies to marketing campaigns.  Each stage of a marketing campaign should be reviewed to make sure that all involved are happy.  Some of the questions you should be looking to ask and answer include:

  • Did you meet the goals that were set? If so, why?  If not, why not?
  • Was your target audience satisfied and happy with your offer?
  • What could be changed next time a similar campaign is run?

By constantly reviewing, you are keeping on top of things and you can deal with any potential errors or shortfalls pretty much immediately.

Of course, there are other important steps you can take before launching a marketing campaign. You will find some of these out through a quick internet search. However, we have provided four important ones to try and get you more focused on your activity.