4 Characteristics You Should Look For in Printing Services

In this day and age, everything is going digital.  Whether you like it or not; whether you are prepared or not—the digital era is definitely upon us.  And, to be honest, if you want to succeed you have to embrace this evolution; after all, you will find that it can help to improve your efficiency and reduce costs.

At the same time, we have not completely abandoned print media. As digital social media has streamlined our information acquisition, neighborhood periodicals might be fading, but there is still a desire to hold a newspaper and read a magazine.  More importantly, though, while it is easy to put banner and pop ads on your website or scattered throughout your social media campaign, people still like physical ads like brochures, business cards, and more.

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As such, traditional photocopying and printing services are still quite relevant, even in today’s digital transition.  Just make sure that the printing service you use possesses these four Doculand characteristics.


The mark of any good company is quality.  You want to know that you are working with a company that is not only good at what they do but are also able to do it consistently and in a timely manner.  


Speaking of consistency in a timely manner, you want to employ a company that is efficient.  Just because someone is good at what they do does not necessarily mean they will get the job done according to your timeline.  What you need is someone who can finish the job efficiently so you can keep up your momentum.


Consistency is important, too. You want to rely on a company who can not only complete the tasks you assign but who will do it accurately so you don’t have to fix simple mistakes that should have been avoided in the first place.  Accomplishing high quality in an efficient manner with consistent accuracy is not easy, so when you can find a company that does all three, you’ll know you have a keeper.


Finally, you should look for a company who is committed to service.  Service includes not only following instruction to finish a task but it also involves consistent communication to ensure that tasks are completed according to project goals and to address potential obstacles and pitfalls you can encounter along the way. A company with excellent service makes you feel valued as a partner or customer.

David Griffin

David Griffin