3 Important Ways to Increase Fleet Efficiency

Despite the rise of air cargo (and old-school shipping methods like trains and boats), the trucking industry continues to thrive. In fact, commercial vehicles move an astounding 70% of all goods in the US! 

If you manage a fleet, you can rest assured that you’ll have terrific job security for a long time to come. But if you’re still doing fleet management the old-fashioned way, it’s time to rethink your tactics.

How can you use the latest technologies to improve your fleet efficiency? Here are three essential fleet management tips you need to know. Also, check this fleet maintenance software that will keep your fleet under order.

1. Use Fleet Management Software

It’s time to say goodbye to that stack of paperwork or the messy office whiteboard. Savvy business owners responsible for managing a fleet have already upgraded to today’s best fleet management software.

Consider just some of the benefits you’ll get with this type of software:

  • Real-time status updates for every vehicle in your fleet
  • Instant communication through mobile apps and messaging
  • Automated data entry and driver’s logs
  • Integrated GPS systems and fuel tracking
  • Digital vehicle inspections
  • Complete service history for each vehicle
  • Track and improve driver performance

Think about how much time you’d save if you didn’t have to do invoicing, quoting, ordering, and tracking the old-fashioned way. Vehicle management software gives you instant access to all this information at the click of a button.

2. Consider Fuel Delivery

How much time do your drivers waste getting to the nearest fuel station? How often do they get stuck in long lines or pay premium prices for fuel right off major highways?

There’s a better way. Did you know you can arrange to have fuel brought to every vehicle in your fleet, wherever they happen to be?

Mobile fuel companies like Instafuel turn your downtime into profitable time. You can arrange to have your vehicles fueled while they’re idling, saving your employees and your company precious time and money.

3. Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

Are you the type who waits for something to break, or are you proactive with your vehicle maintenance routine? The best way to keep your fleet in great condition (and save money in the long run) is by setting up a good preventative maintenance program.

Again, this is next to impossible if you’re scribbling notes on a whiteboard. Fleet management software gives you instant access to every vehicle’s records, from basic oil changes to major engine repair.

You can create and set schedules based on odometer readings or time intervals. Then you can set service reminders to alert you when each vehicle is approaching the designated deadline for maintenance.

Not only do you save money on major repair costs, but you also decrease downtime and increase productivity.

Improve Your Fleet Efficiency Today

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Without a clear vehicle management system in place, you’ll waste valuable time and money. Use the tips above to improve your fleet efficiency and streamline the way you do business.

Now that you know more about fleet management, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more stellar business tips and advice!

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer