3 Big Facts About Laser Cutting That You Probably Didn’t Know


Laser cutting is a quick, accurate machining technique that comes close to eliminating human error. It’s not as dangerous or difficult as it might sound—You don’t have to be a genius engineer to use this technology.

laser cutting perth makes your production line more efficient, improving your bottom line. Take a look at these laser cutting facts you may not know.

1. Laser Cutting Is Older Than You May Imagine

Even in the 2020s, lasers sound futuristic to many people. Yet, they’ve been used in countless ways since the 1960s. When researchers invented laser cutting, it was much more expensive than it is today, as most new technologies are.

So, one of the first things cut by lasers was pricey, too—diamonds!

2. It’s One of the Best Ways to Cut Small, Complex Parts

Some parts are so complex that you can’t cut them by hand or punch them out without risking serious problems at worst and inferior quality, at best. Laser cutting makes these jobs a cinch.

This article about laser cutting explains more about why this technology is so useful for precision cutting. While the most common use for laser cutting is manufacturing, surgery is one of the best examples of how precise lasers can be.  

Lasik and PRK are two popular laser eye surgery procedures. Optical surgeons can’t afford to make mistakes, as one twitch of the hand could blind a patient. Lasers ensure they don’t cause harm and make the procedure simple and safe.

3. Take Steps to Reduce Negative Impacts

There are a couple of main downsides to laser cutting. Laser cutting machines release a lot of heat, wasting energy. Depending on what you’re cutting, they can also create hazardous fumes.

That may sound dire, but several easy steps reduce lasers’ downsides. 

1. Save Laser Cutting for Special Jobs

Laser cutting is a fast, precise way to cut metal and other materials. Yet, there are plenty of other cutting methods. You could use mechanical punching machines, waterjet cutting, and other accurate manufacturing technologies for simple jobs.

When it comes to cutting complex parts that other methods can’t create, break out the laser cutter. By reducing your use, you’ll cut down on energy waste and emissions.

2. Use Renewable Energy Sources for Manufacturing

Lasers themselves don’t use as much energy as folks often expect. The reason laser cutters waste energy is because the cooling process releases all the heat they create, rather than repurposing it.

Powering your manufacturing plant with solar power, a different renewable source, or reusing the excess heat counteracts the problem.

3. Employ Fume Hoods and Air Cleaning Machines

Fume hoods and air cleaning machines are the easiest way to cut down on emissions. Purifying the air will keep you safe and make your business more eco-friendly.

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These vital laser cutting facts give you the information you need to decide whether the technology will help your business or not. For more trends and facts about industry and business, look around the rest of our site.

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Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore