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‘Quality’ has a whole new standard in the oil and gas filtration industry. An efficient and cost-effective filtration/separation system is vital for the successful performance of companies that process petroleum products. Unless these filtration systems are highly reliable, you cannot expect the operational performance to maximize.

When talking about oil and gas filtration, the one name that stands tall is Advanz Industrial Canada Ltd. Since its inception in 2013, Advanz has emphasized on understanding the various stages of filtration/separation required by customers in Canada, United States, and rest of the world.

They have been providing a wide range of filtration solutions for different types of industries. Their range covers gas and oil filtration, natural gas filters, refining, gasoline, crude oil, power generation, diesel fuel, manufacturing, water, petrochemical, chemical, and food & beverage.

Their cost-effective and intelligently designed solutions applied as a part of their extensive production strategy aids in consistently improving the maintenance operations while at the same time enhancing the operating efficiencies.

Advanz is backed by highly experience staff and extensive knowledge, which helps it develop different filter elements required for different stages. The three stages are Strainers, Separators, and Coalescers.

  •    Strainers form the first step in the treatment of natural gas, and the main purpose is to filter natural gas or liquid and collect the sediments. Advanz offers all types of strainers that include Simplex, Duplex, and Automatics.
  •    Separators (usually made from mesh or vane) are large filtering elements used to separate a large amount of liquids from natural gas stream. The gas is made to pass through the separators wherein the liquid drops are forcefully separated from the gas.
  •    Coalescer is the third and final step in filtering the natural gas. Advanz can design Coalescers that help in removing the smallest solid and liquid elements (impurities) which may still be present in the natural gas. Advanz uses latest technologies to create practical designs that need less manpower and effort.

Regardless of your company’s applications, the filtration products and services offered by Advanz can help you optimize the operational performance. They offer cost-effective solutions for the most intricate filtration applications in Canada. Apart from Canada, they also have offices in Mexico and USA.

Advanz has the capacity and caliber to assist you with your company’s project from idea stage to engineering, sizing, and design. They can also access and evaluate your existing operation to ensure that it provides optimum results for you. Contact them today for free consultation.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke