What Your Perfect Countertop Display Case Should Look Like?

They often say that the very first impression can be the very last impression. And nothing seems to be truer than this, especially when you own a store. Nowadays, you can hardly find buyers who have enough time or patience to check everything that a physical shop has to offer, and make a purchasing decision. However, when they hastily pass through a shop and see something that they really like, then they might consider stopping for a quick buy. So, no matter your mechanism, if you can show them in the right way, then having some new clients might not be that tricky a task. But it also means that you have to be meticulous about your needs and choose a display case accordingly. Here are some ideas for you.

Portable Cases 

Aluminum frames have been a standard choice for countertop display cases and continue to be. Often, all you need is a sturdy, stylish, and secured portable display case to exhibit something attractive yet valuable. Portable display cases are a common choice to keep pieces of jewelry, antiques, small artifacts, and the like. Choosing units with panels of tempered glass, as well as aluminum frames, would make for a chic unit that does not compromise on security or durability. You can keep these cases conveniently on a tabletop or countertop. This also makes it a good choice to exhibit your “samples” at trade shows and fairs, as well.

Bigger Units

If you are dealing with fragile products, then a countertop display case with aluminum frames can be helpful. Store owners choosing this variety often go for rectangular-shaped cases. This helps in keeping merchandise of different shapes and sizes. You can also look for other helpful features like sliding doors, adjustable shelves, and lock and key. Most of the reliable service providers in your locality would probably maintain their customer support team. So if you need any help to customize your products, then ensure to call them. And in case you do not feel too happy with the response of the team, then it might not be the best company to cater to your needs.

Upright Display Cases 

Are you looking for a countertop case for display that offers maximum value and functionality? Go for products having upright design. By and large, these products have about three adjustable shelves to accommodate maximum products. However, for its relatively big size, these units usually come with hinged doors for easy operation. You can keep these display cases conveniently on a countertop or a tabletop, where customers can have an all-around look at your merchandise.

One Small Tip

Most of the shop owners who look for countertop display cases for sale agree on one thing – in this era of rushing, time-conscious customers, it is important to keep the “checkout” display cases strategically. More than that, they tend to pick their things from such counter displays and even tend to pick up a thing or two while waiting for their turn at the billing counter. So, while you consider the best display case options for your shop, make plans to keep them in the right place, as well.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke