What to Consider When Choosing Product Packaging

Nearly 60% to 80% of customers don’t repeat their businesses. 

Getting the “wow” factor is a must for competitive brands

But, how can you improve your quality packaging?

Here’s how to upgrade your packaging game. 

Quality Packaging is Essential

Quality packaging has never been more important. Especially with the reliance on e-commerce, durable packaging that will withstand the adventure of the United Postal Service and still come out “on brand” is important

Your brand will be judged if your packaging arrives banged and broken. Although you can’t control the entire shipping process, why not take charge of what you do have control of? You don’t want your brand to go viral as a packaging “fail.”

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Design

Unboxing videos are some of the most popular types of earned content in the digital realm. From Tik Tok to live streams, stories and YouTube videos, beautifully packaged design has the potential to make your brand a household name. 

Many brands have fewer opportunities to “speak” directly to their customers. Think of your packaging as an opportunity to directly interact with your customers. Invest in details that will differentiate you and add to the customer experience. 

Consider creating an unboxing experience. Get creative, but stay on brand. Remember that your packaging is an extension of your brand messaging. 

People want to feel good about what they buy. Think about how your packaging makes them feel.

Cool and modern? Pampered and wealthy? What makes sense for the unique niche your brand fills in the customer’s life? 

Sustainability Is Not an Option

Sustainability is no longer an option for businesses. But ‘quick wins‘ that may have worked years ago no longer cut it. Greenwashing is now noticeable to even the most pedestrian consumers. 

Simply using the color green and saying something is “natural” isn’t enough. Your brand needs to make significant strides to ditch plastic, styrofoam and other harmful materials. Consider opting for solutions like dry product filling or biodegradable materials. 

Make your strides in sustainability marketable. Remember that many people buy things to feel good. Make them feel even better about purchasing your product. 

See It As It’s Own Marketing Tool

Your packaging isn’t just trash. It can be a powerful marketing tool. 

As your packaging travels to the customer, it can either be just another brown box, or a box that turns heads and gets people interested. 

If your box is especially unique, customers may share it on social media. 

So ask yourself, what is your packaging saying? Can you use your packaging to build a community for customers?

Less Is More

Designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe famously said “less is more.” Creative and head-turning don’t have to mean more expensive or more color or bling.

If simple, minimalist design aligns with your brand, use this to your advantage. Consider picking up a copy of “10 Principles of Good Design” by Dieter Rams for more packaging ideas. 

Packaging Your Product in 2021

By overlooking quality packaging you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. In 2021 your packaging could be one of the only ways people physically interact with your brand, other than directly using your product.  Do you need to elevate your brand? Click over to our “advertising” section for even more packaging tips.

David Griffin

David Griffin