Office Renovation Checklist: Everything Needed for Your Project

The thought of undergoing office renovations is rarely a positive one. And no wonder!

They can be disruptive, inconvenient, and hinder productivity. However, with over half of high achieving employees longing for a quieter, distraction-free working environment, they’re important too.

Are you on the cusp of renovating your company’s working environment? Are you looking for advice on how to make the process as pain-free as possible? Let us help.

Keep reading for the only office renovation checklist you’ll ever need.

The Goal

Start by establishing a goal for the renovation. What outcome(s) are you trying to achieve? What problems are you attempting to solve?

Common examples could include increasing the amount of usable space, modernizing the office, or enhancing teamwork and communication. With the goal in mind, you’ll have a better chance of making appropriate changes that justify the expense involved.

The Office Renovation Budget

On the subject of money, the next vital step is to establish a budget for the project. How much capital do you have at your disposal? This figure will often determine the extent of change you can make and how large/small your initial goal should be.

After all, a significant office interior renovation isn’t cheap. If you want to upgrade your tech, make structural changes, and install a brand new staff kitchen, then you’ll need a sizeable budget to make it happen.

The Data

Never make decisions about the renovation without data to back them up. In other words, ask people who use the office on a daily basis what they want and need!

For example, you could run surveys and/or take votes in morning meetings to find out about specific problem areas, favoredcolor schemes, new equipment requirements, and room layout ideas to maximize collaboration.

The Roadmap

Failing to plan is like planning to fail. The result? It’s time to create (and write down!) a clear roadmap from A to B, considering everything from floorplans and timelines to potential obstacles you’ll face along the way.

Related questions to ask include whether or not: a) you’ll have to close the office throughout the renovation, b) you’ll need to hire an office renovation contractor, and c) you have a deadline by which the new office space must be complete.

The Communication

Make sure you inform everybody on the team what you’re planning as well. Communicate matters from the outset! You’re far more likely to get peoples’ buy-in if they’ve been included in key decisions, kept up-to-speed with progress and developments, and know why the renovation’s required in the first place.

Most importantly, tell your employees what they can expect to happen. From when construction will commence to how their work will be impacted, it’s crucial they’re fully aware of what’s to come.

Don’t Forget This Office Renovation Checklist

The office renovation process is notorious for being troublesome. But it doesn’t have to be! With a well-put-together office renovation checklist behind you, the project should proceed without issue from start to finish.

We hope this article will help in that regard! To learn more about this topic and others like it, search “office” on the website now.

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore