Kennewick Homes for Sale: How Many Times Should You Visit a Property?

If you and your agent have found Kennewick homes for sale that are true candidates, let the viewings commence. However, you should consider setting limitation concerning how many times you look at the same home before making an offer or eliminating it as a possibility.

In general, there’s no set rule on how many times is too many, but the home of your dreams could slip through your fingers or sellers and/or their agents could refuse further showings.

Here are some tips for when you SHOULD visit a home before buying.

Experience the Property at Various Times of the Day

Take time to at least drive by the home at least once during a time of day different from that of your open house or scheduled viewing and once at night. This gives you at least three vantage points of the community at various times to investigate issues such as:

  • Lots of noise from streets or neighbors
  • Excessive or lack of security lighting
  • Street traffic by the home and suspicious activity
  • Parking shortages or school zones

Getting a Second or Third Opinion

It never hurts to get the second opinion of a trusted friend or relative who may have some home buying or remodeling experience to help confirm your decision to make an offer or move on. They might spot issues or benefits that you didn’t notice on your own.

Measure for Furniture

It’s wise to bring a tape measure and some estimates of the space you need to fit current furnishings. However, if you need a second look inside, go ahead and ask for another showing to closer evaluate the home’s layout and floor plan.

It’s not unreasonable to ask to see the inside of the home somewhere between three and four times, but realistically most of your shopping knowledge can come from what you observe outside at this point.

If you’re still hesitant about a property for reasons, talk to your agent or the seller about them or move on to other options.

If you’re interested in finding Kennewick homes for sale and scheduling some viewings, contact Retter and Company to talk to an experienced realtor today.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer