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Every skip hire company prices their services differently, hence why it’s so important that you do your research and weigh up all of your options before making any impulsive decisions. If you’re looking for affordable Skip Hire Chorley, you needn’t look any further than Chorley Skip Hire because, like any of the other services that they provide, Skip Hire Chorley is priced suitably for various budgets.

There are several factors that determine the cost of your Skip Hire Bolton, including the following:

Skip Size

Depending on how much waste you expect your project to generate, you’re sure to find a suitable skip from Chorley Skips. The smaller skips tend to cost less than the larger skips (as you would expect) but this isn’t to say that you should always choose the smallest skip that you come across!

Ordering a skip that is slightly bigger than you need is the best way to maximise your investment into Skip Hire Bolton. As a result of the skips accommodating a significant volume of waste, you have the opportunity to fit more inside, making the most of recycling and eliminating the need to transport waste to the local tip.

Domestic Skips

  • 2-3 yard skips

These skips are best suited towards domestic projects that generate a small to moderate amount of waste, however, they can also be used as secondary skips to store excess material or waste that requires separate waste disposal.

The mini skips have been specifically designed to store 25 to 35 bin bags of waste, allowing you to find a suitable storage solution for the waste generated by your project.

  • 4-5 yard skips

If you’re planning to undertake work on your home or your garden, you’re bound to benefit from domestic Skip Hire Leyland. The 4-5 yard midi skips offer an affordable alternative for removing junk from your home clearance or garden project.

These skips can store 45-55 bin bags of rubbish, making it easier for you to remove waste in bulk or as soon as it’s generated.

  • 6-yard skips

Skip Hire Leyland is offered by Chorley Skips to suit the demands of all projects, hence why they supply the 6-yard skips. These containers are often the choice of builders who are undertaking a bathroom or kitchen refit and storing up to 65 bin bags of rubbish.

  • 8-yard skips

Whether it be garden waste, construction waste or general household waste, the skips for Skip Hire Leyland are versatile and you are responsible for placing them somewhere suitable. The versatility of the maxi skips makes them so popular amongst customers in the domestic and commercial sector, providing them with a convenient solution for removing waste from their project.

  • 12-yard skips

The skips available for Skip Hire Preston are designed to be practical, especially the 12-cubic yard skips! Chorley Skips provide a range of open skips that are perfect for medium-sized projects. Although these skips provide an abundance of storage space, they are only suitable for lightweight materials which in essence means that you need to be mindful of what you’re disposing of if you’re to keep the cost of Skip Hire Preston down.

Commercial Skips

  • 20-yard skips

You’ll discover a wide range of roll on-roll off skips that are suitable for any industrial or commercial project. The 20-yard roll on-roll off skips are the smallest RoRo skips that Chorley Skips provide for Skip Hire Preston, yet they are designed to offer easy access and have the ability to hold 440 bin bags of rubbish.

  • 40-yard skips

Perhaps you’re looking for Skip Hire Chorley or Skip Hire Bolton that allows you to dispose of immense volumes of waste? The 40-yard RoRo skips are designed to store waste materials securely and can ultimately prevent the need for you to hire a second or third skip.

Any 40-cubic yard skip is designed to hold up to 440 bin bags of rubbish.


With Skip Hire Wigan, you have the option to dispose of waste in a way that’s convenient and affordable. Chorley Skips usually deliver their skips to driveways or gardens (private property) but should you need your skip to be stored safely on the road, you’re in safe hands.

When skips are left on the road, a permit will be required. The permit for Skip Hire Wigan is issued by the local authority and needs to be obtained prior to starting work on your premises. To make the process of hiring a skip easier for you, Chorley Skips can obtain the necessary documentation on your behalf and include the cost of the permit in the overall markup cost.


The cost of your skip hire is often influenced by your location. The cost of skip hire in towns, like Wigan, is likely to be more affordable than skip hire in cities, like London, so this is something to keep in mind when searching for affordable skip hire!


The longer you hire the skip for, the more you can expect to pay! The duration of your project can also affect the validity of your permit, therefore, to avoid being charged for not disposing of waste correctly, make sure that your hire period covers the duration of your project, from start to finish.

Weight of skip

Your skip shouldn’t be overloaded with waste materials because there are weight limitations in place. The skips provided by Chorley Skips will include a maximum fill level which should not be exceeded. When skips aren’t level loaded, they make it difficult for fleet drivers to lift the containers onto the back of the reliable fleets, meaning that waste materials cannot be transported safely to the sorting facility.

Choosing to overload a skip will have expensive consequences, so if you’re looking to keep your costs to a minimum, make sure that you take into consideration the factors that can influence the overall cost of your skip hire!

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