Leeds is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of heart located in the centre of West Yorkshire. It used to be the main industrial city in Yorkshire, but it is now much more modern with a vibrant art scene and a steady-growing tech industry. The energetic bars, beautiful shopping centers, and large areas of green space make Leeds a very viable option as a place to buy property.

The city is quite diverse and full of activities, so there’s hardly ever a dull moment in Leeds. Finding good property at affordable prices can be quite tasking though, so we provide you with a list of some of the cheapest places in Leeds that offer good properties and environments.

1. Osmondthorpe (Average property price of £110,000)

Osmondthorpe is an area in East Leeds, and it is positioned just about 2miles away from the Leeds city center in between East End Park and Halton Moor. Osmondthorpe was initially a hamlet 3.5miles south of Leeds, and it was linked to the Temple Newsam and in the Whitkirk parish.

2.  Holbeck (Average property price of £114,000)

Holbeck is a city area that draws from the southern edge of the city center to the LS11 postcode district. There is a large regeneration process to take place in Holbeck, so large proportions of the city have been vacated and it has now suffered from a large decrease in population. A lot of houses and blocks have been demolished to allow for a huge development project to take place. And with this regeneration process already in full swing, now might be the best time to invest in property in Holbeck.

3. Belle Isle (Average property price of £120,000)

The name of this lovely city might seem like it was derived from the French words that translate to “Beautiful Island”, but it is much more likely a pun on Bell Hill or even the “Newbell-ile” at Middleton Wood End. Belle Isle used to be a small hamlet, but it is now made up of many housing estates built on farming land. The village is divided into north and south by the Belle Isle Road with the amazing Belle Isle Circus lying in the center of the estate. Most of the homes in this region are red brick semi-detached houses although there is a range of other housing options you can choose from.

4. Armley (Average property price of £121,512)

The prices of properties in Armely are remarkably low considering how close it is to the Leeds city center as well as how good the facilities are in the city. Armley is a great bargain location for anyone looking for affordable housing with pretty good value. It has a great community spirit, and there are plans for redevelopment in the future. It looks like a great environment to invest in property as the city could grow to be a big success soon.

5. Seacroft (Average property price of £124,336)

Seacroft is an extensive suburb in the East of Leeds, and it is just four miles away from the city center. There are several affordable housing options with great amenities. Possibly the most attractive feature of Seacroft is diverse, yet not overcrowding, community. There are many activities to indulge in including nature walks and holiday festivals.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise