Are You Going To Hire A Call Center Professional: See The Perfect Profile

What are the main competencies of the Call Center? Hiring a good call center professional such as Hit Rate Solutions for example is one of the biggest challenges for companies in the sector. This is because the turnover rates (staff turnover) in this segment are usually very high, often due to the lack of commitment of those hired by the company.

All this is to ensure that the relationship between the company and the customer who will be served at the call center is satisfactory. In this article, you will learn about the main qualities that a professional must have when entering this market and that must be evaluated when hiring. Check out.

Interest In Service Area

The first point that the recruiter must discover is the objective of the professional interested in the vacancy in the call center and Measuring Customer Satisfaction after hiring. Many think of taking a call center job as a stepping stone to future opportunities. This lack of interest can result in an employee not being very engaged with the results.

This makes it difficult for him to develop better in his role, even if he undergoes training and receives incentives. In addition, the chances of him leaving the company soon will be great, frustrating attempts to involve him in its processes. Finally, only a call center professional interested in working in the field can guarantee quality customer service at the height of his business.

Ease To Chat

Communication is one of the most important skills for a call center professional. He needs to be able to talk to the customer on the other end of the line — or the computer —and know how to listen and understand his pain points to present appropriate solutions. When hiring, therefore, a thorough assessment of this capacity is necessary. It is also important to understand that not all people communicate well through all channels. Therefore, divide your teams between the channels used in your call center according to each professional’s skills.


To work in a call center is not enough to be interested in this area. You have to be committed to the organization. This involves understanding that there can be no absences, as absenteeism rates are usually as high as turnover rates in this segment. When hiring, it is possible to predict the professional’s commitment level. If he is late for the job interview, for example, it is already a sign that he is not committed to the job. It is interesting to research his behavior in the companies where he worked, in addition to investigating the reasons for leaving the previous company, especially if the candidate has changed jobs many times recently.

Search For Improvement And Quality

It is not enough for your company to offer employees ongoing motivational programs, training, and qualifications. They need to be interested in their individual development to improve their skills and get better results in the call center. Evaluate, during recruitment, the desire to grow and exceed goals.

The call center professional must seek quality services; for that, he needs to demonstrate commitment in the search for better results in customer service. This is another skill that should be evaluated during the selection process. One of the clues may be on the resume: check if the candidate has taken improvement courses in recent years and if he has participated in events and workshops in the area.

Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales