5 Engaging Video Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your YouTube Channel


Video content beats the competition hands down. It’s effortlessly more engaging than walls of text and podcasts.

Hit play, sit back, relax, and watch.

Yet, to start a new channel, you need spicy video marketing ideas. And you need them now.

Video Marketing Ideas To Start Right Now

To jumpstart your YouTube channel, you’re going to need fast content. Animations, outsourcing to studios, and long-form ads that require weeks of planning will have to wait.

Above all, you’ll need a core strategy.

Your video content should address your customer’s pain points with your service or product as the hero. All of the ideas below need nothing but a quick brainstorming session, a script, and a camera.

And if you’re still strapped for marketing ideas afterward, click here.

Idea #1: Tutorials

The internet is our hivemind. People on the internet love tutorials. Want proof?

You’re reading a snap tutorial right now.

How-to videos are great if you’re stuck for video marketing ideas. There’s already an inbuilt conflict at the outset. Your customer wants a solution to a problem, and you’re here to show it to them.

Idea #2: After Hours

Video marketing content doesn’t have to be useful to your audience in a traditional sense.

If your goal is to endear your audience to your company, what better way than to let them meet your team?

An under-the-hood look at your company culture could be anything from a guided tour of the office to a candid, off-the-cuff interview with a team member over drinks at the local bar.

Idea #3: Team Interview

Sticking with the theme of the team, consider formal interviews as a counterpoint to the casual stuff. It’s a great way to humanize your brand with real people.

Nobody likes to feel they’re being given the sales pitch.

As a bonus, this is a great time to show off the cultural diversity of your staff.

Idea #4: Mythbusters

Are common misconceptions getting your brand down in the dumps?

Video marketing that centers on dispelling pesky rumors and myths is a surefire way to straighten your audience out. What’s more, you can take the opportunity to educate your viewers on your services and why you’re right for them.

Idea #5: Top 10s

YouTube video channels are fit to burst with the “top 10” format. Humans love novelty and the anticipation-payoff cycle of countdown videos provides a series of dopamine hits in the brain. We’re hardwired to love it.

That’s why the bizarre enigma of “unboxing” videos is so popular – which is another great idea if you’ve got your camera handy during the office Christmas do.

Hit the Ground Running

If your channel is feeling a little empty, these video marketing ideas should help you get your project off the ground. Ultimately, it’s important to get started somewhere.

Worry about the finer details – but don’t let that keep your audience waiting.

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise