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Any patient at Onward Orthopedics deserves proven, minimally invasive techniques to reduce pain and reduce the length of time in recovery for knee injury. Onward Orthopedics are associates with many of the best orthopedic surgeons to guarantee you receive specific personalized care for your needs, no matter the age. Below is brief look at the common surgical solutions that Onward Orthopedics carry out daily.

Total Knee Replacement

If the procedure is a complete knee replacement, the entire joint of the knee is removed and is replaced with an artificial joint or prosthesis. This surgery involves the removal of the tissue that is damaged, the resurfacing of the surrounding bones so they are able to hold the artificial joint, and the final step is implantation of the artificial joint. While this procedure is a major alteration, but our Onward Orthopedics surgeons can complete it as a ‘minimally invasive surgery’ for those patients that qualify.

Partial Knee Replacement

An alternative and less invasive procedure to a knee replacement is a partial knee replacement. This is often done rather than replacing the full joint. The surgeon will remove only the damaged areas of cartilage in the knee and repairs the surfaces of the joint. Due to only a small incision used, recovery time is only weeks versus months.

Knee Arthroscopy

This is a minimally invasive procedure where a very small camera allows the surgeon to see inside your joint. During this surgery, the surgeon uses small tools in order to trim torn tissue, clasp loose pieces of cartilage or bone, or also repair a damaged joint or bone. This procedure allows for less scarring, fewer incisions, and less risk of infection, as well as greater specificity and of course, cost savings.

Knee Cartilage Transplants

A transplant of knee cartilage is an option for treatment of knee cartilage that is deteriorating and could cause the need of a total replacement of the knee in the future. This new kind of transplant gets patients back to working out faster. In this surgery, cartilage that is healthy is removed from your own body and then transplanted to the deteriorating area of cartilage.

ACL Reconstruction

An ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury is repaired by an ACL reconstruction. This involves the replacing of the torn ligament with tissue that is new making a graft. This graft might be a tendon or ligament from your knee (an autograft) or from a donor (an allograft). The aim of this surgery is to rebuild the affected area and restore complete function.