The high molecular weight plastic refers to the plastic or polyethylene which is chemically long chains of molecular mass. These specific long chains facilitate in building the internal molecular structure which in the due course become stronger and resulting in a strong and tough material of plastic.  This form of plastic is highly durable and strong and is able to take even the highest impacts. The binding of the molecules help in creating the most high quality products at a less price. This plastic is also ideal for mass or large-scale production.

The Different Applications of High Molecular Weight Plastics

  • Medical application – Since this form of thermoplastic is extremely strong, durable and sturdy, this is being very popularly used for the various medical applications for several decades now. This particular form of thermoplastic is being very widely used the biomaterial for the standard rip replacement surgeries.  

  • Manufacturing application – This useful form of plastic also has several uses in the manufacturing industry. The high molecular weight plastic is being very widely used for manufacturing the PVC for the doors and windows and several other uses. This specific form of plastic is being widely used as filler for the vinyl or PVC materials and then they are exposed to extreme heat in order to mold them into different structures. For instance, high molecular variants are used to make molded plastic materials like mugs, buckets, kitchen utilities and even things for bathroom renovation.

  • Office or electronic applications – This particular form of plastic has the ability of withstanding even the harsh corrosion and the abrasive conditions. This is the reason why the high molecular weight plastics are being used for various applications in the preparing office material and electronic items. Some of the commonest things which are being made out of the high molecular weight plastics are the rollers for the toner transfer, parts of the bearings and the noiseless gears for the several electric appliances etc. This also has the wonderful sliding properties which make it an ideal material for the seamless manufacturing of the electronic applications.

  • Automotive application – These plastics have extremely high endurance and at the same time the best sliding properties as well. The high molecular weight plastics are being used for the manufacturing of the various automotive parts like the assist strap parts, seat belt parts, gas run channels etc. These specific plastics are being used for the preparation of the other materials like the devices or the automotive safety parts. In any case, the color and the components of the plastic do not pollute the environment and they can ideally be used for application even in eco-friendly projects.

  • Building applications – The high molecular weight plastics possess the property of high chemical resistance. They are being used for the manufacturing of the rollers for the automatic massagers, valve parts, furniture rails, motor bearings specifically for the vending machines etc.

Major advantages of the High Molecular Plastics

  • These plastics are self-lubricating and thus they possess the non-stick properties. They are also highly useful for several applications.
  • This variety of plastic is very easy to assemble, produce and is very cost-effective as well. The overall cost of production is very less when you compare it to multiple other products like metallic or tin ones.
  • The high molecular weight plastics usually have the features like the high melting point i.e. it melts at a very high temperature.
  • This is very resistant towards cracking, breaking & abrasion.
  • This has got non-staining properties as well. The colors do not fade even under severe extremities of temperature fluctuation.

For everyday utility and for using the plastic for carrying market goods, groceries and for home utilities, you can use the high molecular weight plastic to a large extent.