Top 5 Debris Removal Sweepers

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Foreign object debris (FOD) is a key threat in the aviation industry. Debris causes severe damage to airplanes, equipment, and vehicles creating unsafe conditions in active flight runways.

Fortunately, airports can prevent and manage most FOD. Airport personnel uses a debris removal sweeper to remove FOD from tracks. Here are five common airport sweepers.

  1.  FOD-Razor Airport Sweeper

The FOD Control Corporation provides design upgrades for its FOD-Razor Airport Runway Sweeper. Initially, it constructed runway sweepers using polypropylene. It currently produces nylon fiber sweepers. They can smoothly glide over tough ramp and runway conditions. Besides, modern FOD-Razor sweepers have a weight-release mechanism which prevents an employee from overloading debris during routine sweeping. They have a sleek hitch assembly that increases their portability.

  1.  Tow-Behind FOD Sweeper

There are different configurations of tow-behind sweepers. They have low operating costs, and easy to use. External vehicles usually power two-behind sweepers. Although there are numerous models available, you can classify the sweepers into military-grade or industrial-grade.

Military tow-behind sweepers have fast travel speeds and robust construction. Some sweepers have advanced magnetic capacities. A conventional spinning brush system translates the sweeper’s forward motion by applying a traction drive mechanism. The spinning brushes gather FOD in a containment hopper.

Usually, an individual drags friction mats along the pavement to clean them. Also, kinetic energy is vital in collecting tiny FOD in collection bins. Spinning brush mechanisms have a long service life while friction mats are portable.

Features to look for in a Tow-behind FOD sweeper

  • Large magnets for removing debris in open places
  • Storage trays for FOD that you can quickly empty
  • Different sweeping widths
  1.  Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are typically truck-mounted to eliminate FOD in vast open areas. FOD vacuum trucks remove different materials of varying sizes. Since they are costly to buy and maintain, the vehicles are suitable for commercial environments with high FOD volumes.

  1.  Walk-Behind FOD Sweeper

A walk-behind debris removal sweeper is the least expensive model. They are two types of walk-behind sweepers: non-powered and powered brands. On-powered walk-behind FOD sweepers have side brooms mounted above steel hoppers. They are easy to operate, and they need little maintenance. Powered walk-behind airport sweepers have small engines which power small sweeping brushes. Often, they supplement colossal sweeper mechanisms.

  1.  FOD*BOSS Sweeper

Airlines, airports, and militaries worldwide use FOD*BOSS sweepers. They efficiently remove debris from tarmac surfaces and airport runways. A standard FOD*BOSS sweeper comprises several brushes which collect trash with Aerothane TM blades.

Most airport employees combine different FOD sweepers to create a safe environment. However, you need to integrate the sweepers into a FOD prevention plan for them to be effective. You can purchase different sweepers from trusted dealers. Call Aerosweep to speak with experts.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise