The Benefits of Open Mesh Flooring Systems

Open mesh flooring can represent one of the most valuable additions to any commercial and industrial environment. In fact, there may even be certain instances when the presence of this material is required from a safety point of view. It should still be observed that many managers and site owners are not fully aware of the benefits of this type of floor. To develop a better understanding, let us take a look at a handful of key advantages that open mesh flooring provides and why it can be seen throughout a growing number of environments.

Slip Resistance

This is arguably the most pronounced merit of such floors. They have been constructed in such a way as to provide a firm gripping surface. This is also the reason why these floors are often present when workers need a stable platform at significant heights. Stairwells and raised walkways are other locations where mesh flooring can come in handy. Fewer accidents will take place once this system is properly installed and obviously, the chances of slips and falls while operating potentially dangerous machinery are dramatically reduced.Image result for The Benefits of Open Mesh Flooring Systems

Solid Construction

Open mesh floors are some of the most sturdy and resilient structures to choose from. This is always a concern within the workplace and indeed anywhere that will experience a significant amount of foot traffic over the years. Heavy items such as machine parts or retail products can normally be placed atop such floors with little concern in regards to stability. In the event that extra support is required, it is always possible to install reinforcing systems. All welds are performed by professional mechanics, so surface-to-surface bonds are likewise not a concern in terms of longevity. Many of these floors will come with substantial warranties and when cared for properly, they can last for decades at a time.

A Choice of Surface Finishes

Mesh floors are created by using a specially designed punch press to literally “cut” slots into a solid sheet of metal such as stainless steel or aluminium. However, the pattern of these slots can vary depending upon the requirements of the customer in question. Some will desire a serrated pattern to provide extra surface grip while others could instead choose a diamond or rectangular layout. The main takeaway point here is that these floors are extremely flexible in terms of the number of varieties to order.

Numerous Environments

Another advantage of working with mesh flooring is that the materials utilised are specially designed to stand up to harsh conditions. Of course, this will naturally depend upon the specific location. The requirements of a chemical production plant or a food processing facility will differ from those associated with a common warehouse. Thanks to the use of specialised alloys and other substances, these floors can withstand harsh conditions without sacrificing their safety or structural integrity.

Greater Visibility

This is a hidden benefit and yet, it cannot be overlooked. The open nature of the mesh itself allows workers to see what is above or below them. When referring to tasks such as moving large pallets or transporting a barrel of chemicals from one location to another, visibility is essential in order to avoid a potentially serious accident. These floors inherently offer this quality.

We can now see why open mesh floors prove to be so useful within the modern work environment. As the needs of each customer will differ, our aim is to provide the greatest number of cost-effective solutions within an amenable time frame. Please contact one of our representatives directly to learn more about these unique systems on 01902 871 208 or visit

David Griffin

David Griffin