My story begins in January 2018. I am working as a sales representative in a medium-size computer software company with great benefits and good salary. Everything looks great on one side. Nothing to complain about. Unfortunately, there is another sad side of this story, which is I am very bad at saving money. Every time I get a new paycheck, it takes me less than a week to spend it on something I do not even need. That being sad, it is always hard for me to save some money for valuable things, which I will definitely want in future but will not be able to afford.

January 15th I decided that I need an immediate vacation to reduce my stress level and have some rest. Even though I had already decided to go to Mexico, I did not have enough money for this trip as you know. I went online to look for private loan lenders and found Loan Away. I read some Loan Away reviews and decided to give it a try. Even though my credit score was not the best, they approved me for $2000 and I got my vacation money next day.

Long story short, my Mexico vacation was amazing. I came back in a week and paid off my loan with a next paycheck. My main reason I am writing a Loanaway review is that I am very happy that in 2018 you can easily find such reliable and convenient companies to take a loan from. Big shout out to Loan Away for my Mexico vacation!