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Reciprocating air compressors are the most popular air compressors in the world. It makes a lot of differences for the business owners to support reciprocating compressors and to make use of them in their daily tasks. Following are some advantages of using reciprocating air compressors:


If you’re trying to find an air compressor that will have a long life expectancy, the reciprocating compressor might be a much more appealing selection for you. This particular kind of compressor is recognized for its durability. When appropriately looked after and maintained, the reciprocating device has the possible to last two-to-five times longer than any other air compressors. For that reason, while the in advance costs of a reciprocating compressor may be high; it will make it up by itself over time.

Initial Installment

Reciprocating compressors are additionally known for their simple installation, which often suggests anchoring and securing the compressor to the floor to prevent it from dropping or being knocked or drew over. These kinds of compressors are commonly made use of with an air receiver, which stores compressed air and help to decrease the overall packed run time of the compressor. Nonetheless, the unbalanced pressures, as well as hefty weight related to reciprocating compressors, usually translate into higher installment expenses than other air compressors. The need for a weighted base and a solid structure can also contribute to boosted expenses.

Lubrication Needs

Various air compressors have various lubrication requirements, which influence price distinctions between all of the options. While some of the air compressors are generally oil-free/non-lubricated systems, reciprocating air compressors can be either oil/lubricated or oil-free/non-lubricated,

Initially, it will cost approximately 10-15% more to install a non-lubricated compressor. Once in operation, nonetheless, power intake prices and efficiency levels resemble those associated with oiled compressors. Maintenance can be the genuine price differentiator, however. It might set you back almost four times as much to preserve a non-lubricated compressor over a conventional oiled compressor.

Find Out More

Reciprocator air compressors have their very own special advantages based on your desired application. The reciprocating compressor has expanded in appeal due to the fact that it has verified itself to be reliable, long-lasting, and hard-working. Continuous technological advancements will even improve high air quality as well as lengthen repair and maintenance windows. The reciprocating compressor often is the very best choice for applications that press gases aside from air, and that surpass or fall below the 100-150 psig range.

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