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Ecological vehicles: The business of ecological vehicles, such as electric vehicles and bicycles, are a very profitable opportunity. European countries are the main precursors of this type of transport. In fact, some of the governments have required its use, and whoever has a conventional vehicle must pay additional taxes. Some of the entrepreneurial ideas are rental and sale of bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards and electric taxis.

Green business advisor: Companies have seen the need to adapt their production and marketing processes to be environmentally sustainable. In this context, the figure of the “Green Business Advisor” arises as a professional specialized in helping entrepreneurs and organizations to comply with environmental regulations. This professional must master topics such as reverse logistics, circular economy, sustainable business models, etc.

Cartridge reuse: Toner and ink cartridges contain highly polluting substances (copper, rubber, aluminum and steel) which, when in contact with salts from other waste, turn into acids that are harmful to health and the environment. In addition, its components are derived from petroleum and, therefore, do not degrade. For a decade, recharging cartridges has been a source of savings for companies and users in general, as well as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly action.

Eco-friendly packaging: Single-use plastics are a major environmental problem, which is why more and more people and organizations are choosing to dispense with their use and resort to ecological alternatives. The idea is to produce and market glasses, cutlery, plates, bags and other types of packaging from biodegradable materials. Your primary market is homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Pet Related Business Ideas

Cemetery and crematory services for pets: When a pet dies, the most sensible thing to do is to give the corpse proper treatment, since throwing it out into the street or throwing it around can generate bad odors and contamination. Also, we must take into account that pets have become one more member of modern families, so many people would like to say goodbye to their faithful companions by giving them a last dignified goodbye. In this context, pet cemeteries fulfill a social task of great importance.

Starting a veterinary clinic: Although it is true that it is a somewhat common business, it is also true that with small details we can start an innovative veterinary clinic that attracts the attention of customers. Thinking about offering medical insurance for pets, home service, online office and other complementary services can make your clinic the favorite in the market.

promoting your social media for future

Promoting your social media presence today is essential for success in the future. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends, engaging with followers, and having a social media strategy in place can help you stay ahead of the competition and build relationships with customers. Social media is very important. you should definitely promote and develop your social media. you should promote your TikTok, get more Facebook fans on the page, etc.

Pet clothing and accessories business: A rather curious idea, but one that becomes very profitable. Pet owners can pay a good amount of money in order to dress their pets to their liking. Focus on producing clothes that are comfortable, don’t forget that user experience is a paramount issue these days. Also, it is important to take advantage of seasons like Halloween, Christmas and others to surprise your customers.

Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales