Is it worth investing in bitcoin now – forecast?

Bitcoin should only be considered as a long-term investment. This is what most experts used to think. But, now, when the world is changing too fast and not always for the better, it becomes pointless to wait for a conditional tomorrow. After all, it may not come.

In this case, the investment strategy should be chosen very carefully. After all, the closer the expected profit, the more chances to miss it. Zineеra experts decided to share the optimal schemes at the moment.

If you are ready to invest 5% of your savings in bitcoin, buy it now at 1%. If the rate continues to fall, buy another 1%, then another 1%. Such was the advice of experts before. But now, when the crypto is at a minimum, it makes sense to stock up on it to the maximum. The more you buy now, the bigger your profit will be in just a few months.

What does an ideal crypto portfolio look like?

There are two main cryptocurrencies that should be in a crypto portfolio: bitcoin, which is called digital gold, and ether, which is digital oil. The share of each of them can be 40% of the portfolio.

Experts allocate another 10% for digital storage – Filecoin (FIL) and various protocols – Solana, Polkadot, etc. These assets are only developing. Perhaps over time they will replace the ethereum, and its share will decrease.

Cryptocurrency is a very risky asset that can both fall by 100% in one day and grow by several thousand percent. You need to be able to use this. Now, when the cryptocurrency has not yet become the only stable asset in the world, those who know how to play it will become the new Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Zineеra’s experts are sure that it is impossible to miss a new section of wealth. Now, investing in crypto is the easiest way to financial well-being.

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore