How To Treat A Wasp Nest?

If you are like most homeowners, you may feel frightened or at least uncomfortable when you see a wasp nest. After all, removing those irritating pests could unleash a swarm of wrath! Wasp stings hurt like crazy! What should you do, then, if you find a wasp colony on your property?

A professional Denver exterminator can help you if you have no idea how to go with wasp nest elimination. In the unlikely scenario that you find these creatures on or around your home, follow these steps.

How Can You Treat A Wasp Nest?

Seeking professional help is the best course to follow when it comes to wasp nest removal. Wasps will sting anything that bothers them when they become disturbed. It is usually recommended to work with a professional who is specially trained in wasp and bee removal to prevent personal injury.

Although the best course of action to get rid of this harmful nuisance is to hire a professional exterminator, there are some things that you can try as a homeowner to tackle this problem. Here is a recommended DIY option if you are looking for one.

DIY Wasp Nest Removal

Before trying DIY wasp nest removal, be warned that it can be hazardous and result in uncomfortable stings. Remove a nest only if you are prepared and conscious of the possibility of injury. Here are the steps to follow if you still want to accomplish this.

  • Use protective clothing gear:

Using protective gear is typically a good idea while trying to take out the wasp nest. You can wear the following:

  • Goggles or a face covering shield
  • Layers of fabric knitted tightly
  • Long sleeve/long pants
  • Thick gloves
  • Long shoes and socks
  • Headgear covering your ears
  • If spraying a pesticide, wear a face mask.

If the wasps get furious, all of this gear ensures that the majority of your body will be shielded from stings.

  • Buy pesticide spray:

Pesticides are not recommended unless you are an experienced professional. In case you choose to try to remove the wasp nest, it is a good idea to bring with you a pesticide for protection. To prevent the wasps from swarming, spray pesticide directly at the nest if they become irritated while you attempt to remove it.

  • Call a professional in case of allergic Concerns:

Always ensure to call a professional exterminator if you have severe allergic issues and cannot risk getting a sting.

What Should You Not Do – 

  • Buring the wasp nest: 

It is hazardous to try to burn down a wasp colony with fire, and it is not an effective way of eliminating wasps. Wasp nests are constructed from a thin, papery material that is highly flammable and is produced by chewing hardwood into a pulp. This is why burning a wasp nest often ends in both you suffering severe burns and your property catching fire.

  • Water:

Water is often thought of as an additional method for destroying a wasp nest. In reality, flooding a wasp colony is not an incredibly effective strategy. Using water to get rid of a wasp nest can cause severe harm to your property, depending on where the nest is situated. 

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore