Flat belts are useful for line shafting when it comes to transmitting power in factories. This belt is used as a simple system of power transmission. It transmits high power at super high speeds like 500 hp for 10000 ft/min, when it comes to wide belts and large pulleys. There are many carcass materials available for multiple ply belts which depends on the basis of the application. The most favorable and highly recommended ones are polyester/nylon, polyester, nylon, cotton belting etc. These belts are available or equipped with rubber covers, friction surface or bareback.

Here are the types of flat belts available

  1. Canvas flat belt
  2. Nylon flat belt
  3. Elevator belt
  4. High performance flat belts

The canvas flat belt, nylon flat belt, elevator belt is made of rubber, cords, and fabric and are available in many colors. These belts are a type of transmission belt or rubber belt.

Specifications of canvas and nylon flat belts

  1. It pays rigid adherence to the ISI standards.
  2. It is available in sizes of 1” to 5” width
  3. It is available from 1 ply to 4 plies on the basis of the application requirement
  4. It is water proof in nature
  5. It works smoothly, operates quietly, and long belt life.
  6. It has a uniform belt surface with zero splicing
  7. It has a high tensile strength
  8. It is highly coefficient of friction
  9. It is light in weight
  10. You don’t need any lubrication to make it work
  11. It has transverse rigidity.

Specifications of elevator belt

  1. It also pays strict adherence to the ISI standards
  2. It is available in sizes of 5” to 12” width
  3. It is available in 5 to 10 ply combinations
  4. It is available in superior quality for heavy industries application
  5. The canvas-based material of this belt is made of highly durable polyester nylon threads for a long-lasting durability.

Specifications of high performance flat belts

  1. These belts are highly efficient
  2. These belts need no maintenance
  3. These belts come with longer service life
  4. They come with extended bearing life
  5. They can absorb every kind of show and vibration
  6. These belts are energy saving in nature.