Signage and graphics strategically placed throughout your store will enhance the customer experience while reinforcing your brand in their minds. Due to the growing online competition, businesses can greatly benefit from enhanced signage in-store.

Design plays a key role in improving customer experience through signage and graphics. This is why you should hire a professional company like Tailormade Signs to design and create a sign that will help you succeed.

Here are five ideas for improving the customer experience with signage for your business:

Window Graphics

A plain Jane window will not help you sell your products or services. You can only show your store shelves to passersby who are walking by or driving by. With window graphics, you have a blank canvas on which to promote your products or tell the story of your company. Your graphics can engage your audience while communicating your key messages.

A perforated window graphic that allows light to shine through can be created for brick-and-mortar stores that rely on natural lighting. Tailormade Signs’ state-of-the-art printers will make the perfect-fitting window graphics that will help you attract more business.

Outdoor Signs

Your business is not complete without an outdoor sign. You should use it to tell a story, promote your business, and give people a reason to enter. When people arrive at your house, they will see your front door as one of the first things they see. 

Design and placement of an outdoor sign should be carefully considered before commissioning one. Many businesses overlook this and wind up with an ineffective sign. 

Indoor Signs

Indoor signage may include simple wall posters as well as 55″ digital TV screens. Furthermore, pop-up banners can be used to direct customers to a sale or full-color wall displays can be used to enhance branding.

Your indoor signs shouldn’t be about you, but rather about solving the pain points of your customers. If you choose to promote your brand, make sure that you show the potential customer the variety of reasons why they should buy from you.

Vehicle Graphics

A vehicle graphic is a cost-effective way to advertise your business. It is estimated that they can generate more than 20,000 impressions a day. A simple graphic or full wrap can be used to help promote your products or services.

Additionally, you can change your vehicle graphics every year or every two years to keep your messaging fresh. It’s also possible to use simpler vehicle lettering on the sides of your doors or a magnetic sign that can be easily removed if you don’t want a full vehicle wrap.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners

You can’t go wrong with an outdoor or indoor banner that’s larger-than-life to catch your clients’ attention. Indoor banners, with their large size, are a great way to market seasonal sales or further enhance brand awareness. They can be mounted securely using Velcro, grommets, or wires.

It is ideal to use outdoor banners to attract nearby vehicle traffic. If you plan to design your own, keep in mind that the height of the lettering directly correlates with how far away people can read them. If you are concerned about the wind, we can manufacture perforated banners that will allow the breeze to flow harmlessly through the banner without turning it into a massive sail.