Choosing Body Corporate Painting Specialists

What do you want to paint? Is it going to be a wall, a room or the whole building? The professional body corporate painting service providers help to cater the painting needs of apartments, unit complexes, gated communities, holiday apartments, hotels or even resorts. They provide their clients with prompt and professional service.

It is best to hire a company that has excellent referrals and has been in business for a long time. Whether the client wants to get a wall painted or his whole apartment repainted, no job is big or small to the professional team. They can paint one unit’s door to an entire high rise unit complex with the same zeal and enthusiasm!

Services offered by Body Corporate Painting Companies

The body corporate painting service providers are well equipped with the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge to ensure the smooth running and completion of the job. Their services include:

  1. High rise painting
  2. Interior and Exterior Repainting
  3. Professional color consultations
  4. Rendering and concrete repair
  5. Roof painting and restoration
  6. High pressure wash downs
  7. Professional glass and window cleaning
  8. Anti-graffiti coatings
  9. Textured and special coatings
  10. Maintenance and repayment plans

Close Collaboration

The experience that the body corporate painting providers have, allows them to develop a professional ongoing relationship with their client and ensure that all their needs and expectations are met.

An estimator meets the client on site and works with them individually to cater to their specific needs and budget. A professional and comprehensive quote will then be presented to the client that will outline the full preparation and painting procedure involved and any other specific requirements by the team.

The team also keeps the tenants in the loop with the work surrounding them. The tenants are advised in writing pertaining to the information regarding the commencement dates, the working hours, entry notices, along with the estimated completion dates. However, it is imperative that the privacy of the residents is also not compromised during the painting work done and they should be attended with courtesy, efficiency and respect by the professional team.

Payment Plans

When it comes to a body corporate painting project, there are a lot of different people involved. It is tailored to suit the needs of all the people involved from tenants to committee members. The skilled team of the body corporate painters should be able to balance the expectations of the committees, owners and tenants while minimizing disruption and maximizing quality standards. The payment plans for the painting job are customized these days to suit the building’s needs and sinking fund. The plans range between six months to ten years.

A body corporate painting service team will provide its client with competitive pricing, detailed condition reports and specifications, tailored maintenance plans and guaranteed workmanship. The client needs to be rest assured that experienced and qualified painters, with all the necessary equipment and knowledge will complete the painting project to the quality standards assured at the time of hiring.

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Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo