6 Key Tips on How to Successfully Migrate to SharePoint

Do you want to make your business workflow more efficient?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s web-based system allowing different business teams to collaborate more seamlessly. Interestingly, over 250,000 organizations use SharePoint. Moreover, at least 85% of Fortune 500 companies are enjoying their benefits.

The question now is how do you migrate to SharePoint successfully? Continue reading below for six key tips to help you out.

Revisit Your Existing Content

Before you migrate to SharePoint, revisit and examine your existing content. Which of them offers great business value?

Build an inventory of what you currently have. From there, identify the ones requiring migration. Information containing master pages and page layouts directly impacts the migration process.

On the flip side, identify the items you can archive at a lower cost. Also, check if the information comes in the proper structure for business support. If not, what kind of modifications and adjustments to access controls do you need to implement?

Review the Active SharePoint Workflows

Another important tip is to check for active SharePoint Workflows. During migration, your primary goal is to make it as seamless as possible. At the same time, you must keep things the way they are.

Striking this balance can be tricky for many. Certain edits and alterations in the database can mess things up. Workflows may lose their reference after the migration.

Thus, look for “In Progress” SharePoint Workflows. Identify and cancel them before migration. 

Identify Possible Tech Issues

Identify any potential tech issues that may interfere with the migration. SharePoint Online comes with size and storage limits. Hence, they may not meet your on-premise requirements.

Also, if you have custom codes, migration may not be as smooth when using SharePoint Online.

Check your company’s bandwidth. The less bandwidth you have, the longer it takes for the migration to complete. On a positive note, SharePoint lets you access information through any device.

Test Your Migration Plan

Among the different Sharepoint Migration tools, your plan is the most essential. Learning how to migrate to SharePoint seamlessly depends on your migration plan.

Revisit your plan and ensure it covers all bases. It is best to form a dedicated migration team. Include business representatives, IT experts, and internal and external consultants as team members.

Pick a Trusted Migration Partner 

If you’re going all-out with the migration, invest in a trusted migration partner. Go online and check some leading migration implementation companies. Incworx offers these services, ensuring the migration process is fast and simple.

Don’t Migrate to SharePoint without Prepping Your Company

Lastly, prepare your employees before the migration. Not everyone is receptive to it. Thus, formulate a change management initiative.

This way, you can showcase demos, train your staff, and provide post-migration support.  

Make Your Business More Efficient and Productive

Now you know how to migrate to SharePoint, create a plan and prepare your organization for the upcoming changes. However, enjoying the benefits of SharePoint is only the beginning.

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer