5 Ways Providing Your Employees With Free Snacks Boosts Productivity

For many people, free snacks stopped in kindergarten. That’s a tragedy that many employers are trying to remedy. 

For workers who often clock long hours, food keeps them going. Whether they go to their employer’s cafeteria or to nearby restaurants, food is a huge part of any worker’s life.

It’s important to maintain productivity, focus, morale, and blood sugar levels. That’s why many employers are providing free work snacks. We’ve assembled a guide to help employers see how free food boosts productivity for everyone.

1. It Shows You Care

Many employees have a fraught relationship with their employers. Depending on past employment experiences, they may feel burned by the system and that they’re not truly cared for. 

In the grand scheme of things, providing snacks may seem trivial. It’s not! By taking your employees’ needs into account, it shows that you care for them as people, and not just as employees. 

Another way to emphasize this act of caring is to take dietary restrictions into account. Whether it’s the labeling on GRAS foods, or providing some gluten-free options, paying attention to detail ensures that everyone can enjoy a free snack at work.

When employees feel that they are being cared for, they tend to work harder and display loyalty to the company.

2. Free Snacks Save Time

This is especially true if you have salaried employees that aren’t punching the clock. When they leave to go get food, it takes time away from work. Between traffic, long lines at the restaurant, and food prep time, it can take up to an hour away from their day.

When you provide cost-free snacks at work, this means a quick bite to eat is only a few steps away. This saves time, productivity, and makes sure no one gets too distracted.

3. Make Meetings More Exciting

There is no shortage of memes, jokes, and complaints about how many meetings could just be summed up in an email. As true as that may be, sometimes you need everyone in the same room for yet another company meeting.

When you provide free work snacks, everyone gets a little more excited to show up. Rather than the same stale corporate rotation of bagels, a little variety can make all the difference in meeting morale.

4. Sustain Productivity

Everyone’s familiar with that mid-afternoon slump. It’s too early to go home but too late to start an entirely new project. This is when most people start slacking off or reaching for that familiar cup of coffee.

For some, this slump is the direct result of low blood sugar. What’s the fastest way to fix that? A snack!

5. Adding to Your Company Culture

Workplace culture is so much more than free snacks. But these days, many organizations are trying to make their offices truly special. 

They do this by adding perks. From gym memberships to commuter credits, from four-day workweeks to free snacks, it’s a great way to lure new talent into your company.

Providing Free Snacks

If you’re looking to boost both morale and productivity, free snacks are the way to go. Many experts suggest offering a wide range of healthy options, from freeze-dried apple slices to organic yogurt. This will help accommodate a wide range of dietary needs.

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Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews