10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Actually Want

The key to choosing the best wedding favors is to find something your guests will actually use. Too many couples opt for party favors that are simple keepsakes that, honestly, no one really wants. This happens when the couple doesn’t think about what they would want as a wedding guest.

By choosing something your guests will find practical and fun, you will be on the right track to giving your wedding guests happy memories. This is what we’ll help you with within this article. Continue reading for our top 10 wedding favor ideas.

1. Succulents

First, on our list of wedding guests gifts is succulents. Succulents make great wedding favors because they don’t require a green thumb to survive. They are incredibly hardy plants. 

With minimal watering and care requirements, your guests can have a beautiful and natural reminder of your wedding. They also don’t have to worry too much about accidentally killing a symbol of your love. 

2. Tea Bags

Tea bags are also popular wedding favors. They are both an affordable favor as well as something that’s practical and easy to use. It’s a great pick-me-up for your guests the morning after your wedding ceremony. 

3. Baked Goods

Guest goody bags with baked goods are a hit when it comes to party favors. These are sometimes preferable to keepsakes because they can be enjoyed immediately. Most people don’t want or know what to do with a keepsake if it doesn’t have a practical use. 

Plus, the options for these baked goods are endless. You can bake something yourselves if you’re trying to cut costs or have them professionally made. You can also choose a variety of goods such as cookies, donuts, or macarons. 

4. Candy

Candy is a cheap and fun gift for guests. They make for a great late-night treat. They’re also a great road trip snack for guests that traveled for your wedding. 

You can dress up candy in several ways. Consider cute organza bags or custom-made boxes with your names on them and a little thank you note. These containers are often easy to customize to match your wedding’s color scheme.

5. Other Snacks

By now, you might have gathered that people love food as far as gifts for guests go. Small snacks are affordable and fun. And, as we said, aren’t something people feel obligated to hold on to for the rest of their lives. 

For very minimal budgets, you can do something as cheap and easy as individual bags or buckets of popcorn. You can make a little cup filled with hot chocolate ingredients. The sky is the limit when using snacks as party favors and your guests will genuinely love it.

6. Alcohol

One of the top questions asked by guests about the wedding reception is about an open bar. Unsurprisingly, this puts alcohol among the most popular party favors. Some couples feel this can be tacky, but there are several ways to go about using this as a favor. 

First, you can offer mini bottles of alcohol for cocktails such as tequila and limes or champagne and orange juice. You can put together a cocktail kit without including the alcohol as well, though your guests may not be as appreciative. 

7. Seeds

One of our favorite wedding favor ideas is seeds. If your wedding guests happen to have a green thumb, they will appreciate something simple and natural. You can have fun with this, too.

One option is to provide them with a mixed packet of wildflowers. Another option is to provide an herb of some kind. Some companies even have the option to print paper with seeds embedded in them for wedding invitations. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to remind your guests of your special day.

8. Koozies

Another great option is these koozies for wedding guests. Unlike other keepsakes, koozies are something fun yet practical. Your guests can even enjoy them at your wedding ceremony. 

Plus, you can get these in a variety of colors to match your wedding scheme. Have your names and wedding date printed on the front so your guests will have a great way to remember your day. 

9. Fans

For summer weddings, fans are especially great gifts for guests. It gives your guests something to keep them cool in a crowded or outdoor ceremony. 

They’re also one of the more affordable options and can be as elegant or as fun as you want them to be. You can also make these keepsakes more subtle than others by having your names and wedding date printed down the handle. 

10. Skincare Products

One of our favorite wedding favor ideas is skincare products. These are a little pricier than some of our other suggestions, but they can be very popular among your wedding guests.

If you’re having a tropical destination wedding, consider providing small bottles of sunscreen. Other options include chapstick or hand lotion. Dress them up with beautiful bows or fun labels. Your guests’ glowing skin will remind them of the fun they had at your wedding.  

Find the Best Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

Finding the best wedding favors for your special day requires thinking about what your guests want (or what you would want if you were a wedding guest). It’s always a good idea to have something that is easy to use and fun. 

By finding something practical and fun, your guests will enjoy using your wedding favor instead of feeling guilty for keeping it tucked away in a junk drawer. 

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David Griffin

David Griffin